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Win2PDF Pro 7.6

It creates PDF, PDF/A, XPS, TIFF and SVG files from any application
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Win2PDF Pro is a conversion tool to convert any Windows application file that can be printed into a PDF file. The PDF file can be a new file created or an existing PDF file to which the printed contents are merged. The uniqueness of the application is the capture of the contents of the application to convert into PDF from the PRINT output option of the application. Win2PDF Pro automatically converts any text beginning with ‘http’ or ‘www’ as hyperlink in the PDF file. It has an interface with Outlook versions to plug-in PDF files attachment. PDF documents created with Win2PDF Pro can be read by PalmOS version of Acrobat reader. It has a seamless interface with Windows applications to integrate with its Filename conventions without the knowledge of the user.
Win2PDF Pro supports Password protection of the files converted and allows 40 and 128 encryption as per user requirement. Total control of the PDF file in terms of access restrictions is provided to the user. It has a simple interface to input document title and relevant information pertaining to the PDF file. Watermark can be included in the new PDF file created by conversion. Win2PDF Pro supports Windows operating system from Windows Vista with backward compatibility till Windows 2000. It can run on low configuration systems.

Manoj Goel
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  • Option to create new PDF or merge with existing PDF file
  • Password Protection with 40 or 128 bit encryption
  • Uses Print option to convert to PDF
  • Inclusion of Watermark in the New PDF file


  • Watermark cannot be included on merged PDF
  • Does not support Mac or Windows ME and earlier versions of Windows
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